MOI DAO for Creators, Collectibles just for you!

MOI seeks to harmonize technology and environment through NFT.
Prepare your WEB 3.0 era with MOI.


My Own Item (MOI) aims for an open NFT DAO optimized for the upcoming WEB 3.0 era. It is a platform that discovers promising and unique creators or works and helps to promote, advertise, and set up an exhibition at its own online market and community, global market, and in the field.

MOI’s Unique &
Special Projects

MOI is working on the following projects

– MOI Project BEE (Coming soon)
– OJS’ CLAN Project
– NFT Market
– NFT Membership (Coming soon)
– NFT Community
– Artwork Curation
– Promotion
– Exhibition(Metaverse & Hall)

MOI Membership

Step 1

Join the official MOI Discord channel via the invitation link and sign up as a member at the MOI Market or MOIZA Community. Prepare your MetaMask wallet as well.

Step 2

Purchase limited membership NFTs sold on OpenSea and MOI Market. If you participate in the promotions announced through Discord, you can purchase them at a huge discount.

Step 3

Review artworks in the market, rate them with stars, post your opinions on MOIZA, and recommend potential artworks or creators to us. All your activities are rewarded with MOI tokens.

MOI DAO Projects

NFT Market
NFT Community
OJS’ CLAN Project
MOI Project BEE
(Coming soon)

Creators collaborating with MOI DAO

OJS, Director
벽담 Kim Kwang Hyun
Jeon Seong sik

OJS Project CLAN

Finally,director OJS’s unique and fantastic worldview, a combination of physical and digital figures that will fascinate you, unfolds.

Project CLAN is a world of physical and digital figures created by director OJS’s unique imagination and future worldview.
It is MOI’s first project to promote and exhibit the physical and digital works of Director OJS both online and offline. MOI looks forward to his wonderful works that will continue to be presented.

벽담 Kim Kwang Hyun

Find and appreciate his unique works that combine oriental calligraphy and art design.

His simple warm and courageous calligraphy gives great comfort to modern people who are tired of a competition and desire.
He is an ordinary head of household and a father living in this era. However, his work is by no means ordinary.

Team Members


2023 2nd Half

- Launching 'META-NFT' Market place on Metaverse platform

2023 2nd Half

2023 1st Half

- Launching MOI NFT DAO

2023 1st Half

2022 4Q

- Launching Korean Traditional Faith Project

2022 4Q

2022 3Q

- Launching MOI Membership Service

- Launching MOI Project BEE

- Launching OJS’ CLAN Project

2022 3Q

2022 2Q

- Entering on the Metaverse platform ‘DreamVerse'